29 Dec 2014
amicable divorce - kid on desk

Does A Parent With Joint Legal Custody Have The Right To Request Psychological Treatment For A Minor Child Without The Consent Of The Other Parent? I am frequently asked whether a parent with joint legal custody has the right to request psychological treatment for a minor child without the consent of the other parent. Unfortunately, […]

28 Dec 2014
amicable divorce - mother and children with bubbles

The following is a list of things you may need to do once the divorce is completed. However, since you should be using the time during the divorce to prepare for your life post- divorce, you should review the list now to plan ahead. 1. Change names on the homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, utilities, credit […]

24 Dec 2014
amicable divorce - confused

There are a lot of misconceptions about divorce. Divorce conjures up images of movies such as Kramer v. Kramer, where the parties engage in a protracted custody battle or War of the Roses, where the parties literally kill each other. Surprisingly, it is the divorce lawyer, Gavin D’Amato (Danny DeVito) in War of the Roses […]