Experienced Family Law Attorneys Who Understand It Is Your Divorce

Only 1% of divorces in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties go to trial.  

So why hire a divorce attorney who is focused only on preparing for trial?

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to divorce, you want to avoid litigation and avoid having a Judge or the Friend of the Court making decisions regarding your family and your life. Most people fear that litigation is inevitable. However, you can take control of your own divorce by hiring a Michigan divorce attorney who will help you reach your goals, while avoiding the expense and emotions of litigation.

By choosing the right divorce attorney and choosing a process such as Collaborative Divorce, Mediation or a One Lawyer Divorce, you can maintain control over your divorce, and make all of the important decisions regarding your family and your own life post-divorce.

99% of divorce cases in Michigan settle without a trial. Some settle at the kitchen table, some at mediation and some on the day of trial.  But they settle. So why hire an attorney who is preparing for a trial that will never take place?

Hire a divorce attorney who is completely focused on helping you obtain a fair settlement without going to court.

The divorce system in Michigan works for everyone except you and your family. The system works for the courts because it moves cases along toward completion. The system works for attorneys because they are able to bill significant amounts of money shepherding their clients through a system that is fairly predictable. The system works for everyone, except three groups of people:  Mothers, Fathers and Children.

In the divorce litigation system, emotionally charged spouses hire lawyers to argue important family matters, before judges, who will listen to 10-15 minutes of arguing by the attorneys, then make a decision that impacts the entire family.

You should be making the decisions regarding your children, your house, assets, and (unfortunately) debt, and you should be dictating the type of process used.

Every divorcing couple should have a voice in every stage of the case and control the pace, the agenda and the outcomes. When you hire Pitler Family Law to represent you in your divorce, you will have control over your divorce and your life.

Pitler Family Law & Mediation, P.C. is the only Michigan family law firm devoted exclusively to Amicable Divorces.

Our experienced Michigan divorce lawyers are trained in Collaborative Divorce and Mediation in Michigan. Please take the time to review our website. Educate yourself on all of the issues related to your divorce, such as child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, property settlements and retirement. Most importantly, review your options regarding the process, including Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, One Lawyer Divorce and litigation and decide how you want to manage your own divorce.